Monday, October 10, 2011

Music Inspired by Middle Earth

1. Prelude: Hobbits from the Shire
2. The Road to Rivendell
3. The Quest
4. Moria
5. Lothlorien
6. Galadriel's Mirror
7. The Riders of Rohan
8. The Palantir

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Snowfall Album

1. Autumn is Waning
2. Whispers of Winter
3. Snowfield
4. The Forest Brook
5. The Stillness
6. Winter Dreams
7. White Sentinels
8. Midnight Snowfall

Light Music Download

1. When
2. Summer In Athens, Ohio

3. Moonbeams
4. Dream Of Distant Sea

5. Symphony Of Goodbyes

6. A New Beginning

7. Home

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Face The Music

Epic/Legacy has now given us this stellar re-mastered edition of FACE THE MUSIC, and it's a real treasure. It's one of those documents that vividly illustrate why ELO leader Jeff Lynne is considered on of the leading lights in popular music history.

The original 1975 classic by ELO is a bracing collection of some pretty hot tunes; on this re-mastered edition, these songs sound better than ever, and the graphics are wonderfully expanded, with a booklet full of rare photos and insightful commentary by Lynne and ELO historian Rob Caiger.


Here is a song-by-song review...

"Fire On High" is the ultimate progressive rock instrumental...Jeff Lynne packs more drama and punch and verve into this 5:31 minutes than many composers acheive in a lifetime. (Drummer Bev Bevan more than lives up to his "Basher" moniker here, with deft, speedy, and powerful work on the skins.) The drama builds majestically until it all finally explodes into a searing acoustic guitar riff--a symphony of guitars that dive and soar like a downhill skier.

"Waterfall" is the definition of "achingly gorgeous"--so pretty it almost hurts. The lyrics are sad, but cathartic, and the melodic vocal interplay is fantastic. It's a fine example of ELO's ablity to wash a song in strings without it all becoming sappy or soupy.

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